my little dog was attacked by a big dog

Not much else I can tell you except rest him a lot and pain medication. He was my baby my advice is to not wait. Today I was walking my large dog in a new park. I am distraught. just switch the titles of the paragraphs. As always I suggest a vet visit. There might be under the kin bleeding or bruising and I would get this checked out very soon. What should I do ? They are not always. You might even toss a handful of treats on the ground in front of the approaching dog as a distraction. A few punctures should be able to wait. They are living and breathing creatures like YOU and I are ! Injection Intacef Tazo 125g: twice daily*5 (Ceftriaxone + Tazobactam) They play and wrestle. Well, in about 6 hrs and half after being found (and about 29 hrs from her dissapearance), at about 22.45 hrs, she apparently all of a sudden peed herself, started shaking and passed away. Turns out it is a much more serious wound, deep into her abdomen. She wouldn’t move around but was shaking and panting. People are stupid–they will continue to let their dogs off lead when it’s just not safe for that dog or other dogs. Just keep him calm and keep a close watch on him. Linda so sorry how is your dog doing. You can try warm compresses to see if the skin will slide off or if it will heal at the edges, but just dong tug on it. First, I know some vets recommend aspirin, but I NEVER recommend that especially for a small dog. Abby has been rushed too many times by a rather large, energetic Portuguese water dog who, while not dangerous, is somewhat aggressive. There are plenty of certified veterinary behaviorists that you can see and ask them for advice or training. Take him to a vet, he probably has some bite wound infections, a slipped disk, hip problems, broken ribs, or any number of other things. It sounded awful, Almost got stuck between them but with a big barn push broom I got lab away but now HE kept running after the collie and attacking, though the collie backed off. DO NOT give any human medication and keep the two dogs apart. I don’t know what’s going to happen at this point. My 3 year old Rottweiler whom has had basic obedience training has all the sudden become very food aggressive? Our boy was on antibiotics, the homeopathy was just a placebo given to us by the second vet I guess. Also Benny will indeed be alright, no internal injuries just bruised up and absolutely petrified for a time. The abuse she suffered was not her fault. Im afraid this is the end of a decade long friendship because my friend has not even apologized, asked how the pup is, on top of that shes mad with my boyfriend and I over what happened. Zero chance the medication has anything to do with his heart. The Shepard dropped my dog and stood over him as he lay there motionless. Do you think she will be ok? That’s why im on this page right now. He will not get why you are doing it. I can not answer all of those questions without seeing the dog, but your new vet has him on very good antibiotics and a good routine. Again thanks for making this informative blog it was very helpful to me!!! She has been treated by an emergency vet and given meds to help while we wait as the bite was in a place that has caused her severe damage she can no longer see or walk very well she can at least walk some but her equilibrium is off. but i’m so scared it will happen again i’ve only had her two months and she’s been so nice to all the other dogs i’ve met. Sorry. Mat, I understood the facetious intent of your comment, unlike all of these hysterical women, lol! I took him to the dog park for the first time today. I WILL PRAY FOR YOU. I called and I called for him beginning to fear that the coyote that I had seen lurking around outside our house last couple days had somehow managed to get into our yard and take my Benny. My 11 lb min pin was attacked by a group of coyotes about 2 hours ago. He mentioned that it would be “no quality of life” several times . That was typical of the many fights. Now it’s been about 3 hours and she is just laying there whining and crying. My dog continued to cry and yelp for a minute. You might want to have him checked for bruising or under the fur damage. Sorry for your loss. If these are not the case then you might be dealing with a dog-dog relationship problem and these are really hard to deal with. Showed up to a yard full of dogs. Hopefully the vet did a good job with the surgery (it was the absolutely right thing to do) and your dog is in good care. The double chin and swelling in her neck is also a concern. Before he did this , he done the lower back and raise head , standing on all four legs and looked at smaller dog for about 7-8 seconds . I have a toy manchester terrier. If you need to find a home for the pit, just warn the people about other dogs. No one provoked the Pitbull he simply went for us. Physically she looks and feels fine. It is certainly possible the big dog picked up the small dog and shook her to death, while not puncturing her. Sorry and good luck! Is it too late to get pet insurance? It’s not beacause I want to hold my vet accountable. He does not tolerate this and will respond by going at the little one. I had one for 18.5 years. My 14-week Frenchie was playing with a lab when suddenly it changed from playing to my puppy’s abdomen (dorsal side) being in the land mouth. We all hope your little dog is ok. In the passed two days since the incident she is still a bit whiny/shakey when I pick her up, and is still limping, but she is eating and going to to the bathroom by herself. We’re getting rid of the bones, but am wondering if there is anything else we should do? I noticed some bruising on her side, under her left arm pit, but not puncture wounds or blood. Is this normal for this type of injury? They put in drain tubes and a collar on, gave us antibiotics and pain meds. his arm/shoulder bite was not yet sutured so i am quite anxious why. I work at a H.S. We have gone to the dog park literally hundreds of times. Good luck. But again, the objective is to get the dog to do what you want; teaching him a harsh lesson in the moment isn’t going to yield a positive result. Our vet treated him and until today I thought we were making progress. Is he okay? Would the medications have any effect on his little heart? The size of degloving was about 3″ by 1.5″ on the right side. Why the last year they seemed to get along with each other, 3 would go on car rides together, walks, playtime in open field and dog parks. DOg behaviour is very complicated and as dogs age and become more vulnerable they can also change their behaviors. Sorry for your loss. Muscle damage, tendon damage, spinal damage….. the list goes on. Our MinniJack and Maltese were attacked by a much larger dog. After reading comments on her I will be taking her to my vet, coz they’ll let me pay it off. Once it stops having a foam or light bubbling effect, then I add antibiotic lotion. But it’s a better bet than just trying to kick the large dog away, which will only leave your pet standing there defenseless, as physically lashing out at an aggressive dog in the throes of an attack will generally not work to shoo him from the scene. Tonight we were walking and it was dark outside. Sorry I couldn’t have been more help….. Hello my little chihuahua got in fight with my old pit bull the pit bull is not as strong but my chihuahua has a bite in the neck area and is not bleeding much it is not too deep but its got me Thinking to take her to the vet or not :/. The vet told me there is nothing they can do for it. Our pit has never attacked before. I never knew that even a family dog with a good reputation could attack like this. When I picked my dog up she yelped for a bit. Sorry. My dads friend had an older chiuauaha that was in the truck, he went and grabbed herout say her next to him to fold a blanket and sat down on a pillow which had pee on it sat up and hollered causing his pup to bark well my female boxer/mastiff came running around the corner and was on her caused three puncture wounds nothing around anything serious, but i am just interested in a few questions about shock. Thank you so much for your time. It was super fast. In fight or flight mode, the dog is going to take flailing and loud voices as a kind of encouragement to give it his all in the “boxing ring.”. I will be taking Marlee to the vet to have her neck looked at to see what the swelling is all about. We got our terroir (Ella) about 3 months ago & our plott hound (Nala) about 1 month ago. I’m devastated. Sadly she only lasted one week. My maltipoo was just attacked by a pit bull. Police can do nothing. Why would that dog do that with no indication at all my family lost a wonderful happy gentle puppy to this dog with no notice at all 4 pounds to 40. 4. She bit him on his head and check. The vet said it was just tissue damage, nothing broken or anything. Hi my lil dog got bit by a bigger dog theres one puncture wound under his right arm. Take him to a vet. Please help. i dont have any money for no vet at the moment . Given the fact that CPR in a dog is less than 1% successful, I would suspect that massage and helping him breath was what brought him back. How can you refuse to see a vet UNTIL you know the problem. Move! Nope, should be going to the bathroom normally after a day or 2. USUALLY, not always, but usually they make full mental and physical recoveries. I took my 19 week old Lab Pit mix to a friend of mines mom’s where I wasn’t informed she wouldn’t be home. My huskies are 7 mo ths old and my cbinese crested is*was* lead dog. Sorry. Help! It was an accident, ’cause we were traveling and left her, as well as Bali (the Kintamani) with a friend, and she was in heat phase, and the Schinauzer’s owner didn’t knew this, I guess, and so his dog left cleo’s pregnant. Its last vaccination instead of siddhartha vaccination**. The vet checked him out but couldn't find anything, so we took him home but he still won't eat anything. He sounds like he is suffering. Keep it clean and watch for infection is the summary. I can not tell you if there are missed wounds or deep bruising, but if he is walking around and somewhat active that is a good sign. At home or oral medication is not nearly as strong and this can be a problem. We were fortunate – our altercation happened at my vet’s office and we were able to separate the dogs before anyone got hurt….but the infuriating part is that the owner of the little dog thought it was funny! Two weeks ago, the smaller dog had a dental cleaning in the morning and got into a fight at night. He. This is the 2 nd time we have been attacked by Pitbull’s. However, I checked my dog’s neck today and it’s literally blue underneath all of his hair, poor guy must be suffering. I would try to get in touch with a veterinary behaviorist, and make sure they are certified or boarded (better) and not a self taught dog whisperer. My husband was punching Princess in the head and she still wouldn’t let go, my husband grabbed a 2×4 that was near and hit Princess with it while still behind her and trying to pull. He used to get attacked by my deceased collie cross and one time I thought they would kill each other, blood and all, I broke the collie’s teeth trying to get them apart. Sounds like this was more than a nip. 1. This means any time food is around, like at pick-nicks or dinner or anytime. Ive been getting her to drink some water, and I just took her outside to go potty. I am so upset by this. She has numerous deep puncture wounds, one of which punctured her chest cavity and resulted in impaired breathing and lack of oxygen. My fear is that I won’t be able to date this person because my dog can’t be trusted around small dogs. Sounds like neck or back injury and you should have the lump checked out. Well rund surgeries should not be too much of a problem if he is a fit 12 year old dog. My mom doesn’t have enough money to take her to the vet but I don’t want to lose her. Do you think he will get back to his playful self? After 4 days of being hospitalized and on antibiotics, they have a splint on bandaged but the wound is still draining. Its been two days that I came home to an awful sight regarding my 3 dogs. Now that we are home he is panting really hard even when he is laying down resting. Without seeing her I can not advise too much, but I would seek a second opinion before putting her to sleep. It has amazing properties in dog GI tracts. He yelps when we touch it to try to examine for puncture wounds. Ignore the random woman and listen to the vet….. sorry I cant help more. I had to beat the big dog with a stick to get him off her, Fearing my safety, I was not as aggressive as I should have been in separating my them. They don’t really play together, they compete for the shih poo’s attention. I didnt even make it to the car before she had died. you need to find help and money to get him to a vet! An older dog managed to put a hole into his stomach through his teeth nd by the looks of it ,jhhe looks like he lost loads of the afternoon using a cotton we made him drink a little milk nd gave him antibiotics . The idiot with the dog that attacked mine led her dogs right up to my dog and paid no attention. If no drain then we leave the wounds to drain and heal open. 9 human years. My 4.5lb 5 month old chihuahua got attacked by a German Shepherd last week and had her jaw broken in 2 different parts. Since pets are with us for a good portion of their lives as well as are own, they are there for the good times and the bad. However, we are unsure if the Pomeranian is alright? A broken bond needs to be splinted and fixed soon with expert care. I have been taking care of someone’s bichon frise for two and a half weeks. I was right there and so was the other owner and we had it stopped fast. I will call his regular vet this morn. I would need to know more and see the eye. Thank you for your time. I’ve tried search the web but it’s always ‘take him to the vet’. My min pin was attacked by a large dog off its leash. He goes to the park with a dogwalker daily for two hours to run and be with other dogs. ok so my big dog (nala) and little dog (bella) have always gotten along together they started to share a room with me 2 years ago and the only time nala had ever hurt bella was 6 months ago but it was bad it was just a little snap but a couple of days ago nala attacked bella unexpectedly. It would have healed faster with veterinary care and possibly stitches or staples and antibiotics. Two pitbull-type dogs attacked my pomeranian/papillon cross today at the off-leash park. Had 2 wait 2 days after that to take him to a different vet to fix his leg. Sorry I can not be more helpful but dog aggression is a very complicated situation and I’m not sure we will ever fully understand it. Of course I have been and will contnue to be discussing my dogs case with my vet as much as possible but I was in such a state of panic while my little guy was in surgery that I just needed some reasurance. They were playing, walking, and sleeping together. My dog was still alive and I had to decide whether to pts or try to save him. What is the next step with the finding of the puncture wound in the stomach? I’m not saying small dogs always start it or vice versa but the majority of owners will say ” it happened without warning ” nope a dog will always give warning just sometimes it’s hard to spot the signs And the courts sometimes have solutions for biting dogs that don’t end well. they said there was no blood and seemed okay but were rightfully upset. Now, my dog is urinating normally, his stool isn’t bloody or anything, he was shaking a lot yesterday, today he was shaking right after he turned his head in a wrong way. My dog is a pit/lab. The intestines were not punctured by the way. Everything is under control now. There is some swelling, although that seems more of the kind of swelling that occurs naturally around a wound and not the kind that signals an abscess (we’ve seen plenary of those on our feisty cat). She gave him a dex injection and he stsyed there 2 nights for observations and had no issues. So heartbroken and confused.. cannot look at her the same anymore . He is a serious liability, but can also be a loving companion to you and your friends. Should I be concerned and take her earlier than her booked appointment? All rights reserved. She isn’t. DO NOT BRING ANY MORE DOGS IN THE HOUSE, it seems like you have too many dogs with dominance problems. He has a lump on his belly that is soft and about he size of a lemon but can be moved around. There is nothing, sadly, we can tell you to do beyond what I wrote in the blog about wound and bites if her neck is swelling. usually she would run around the house, and jump on people and just be a playful pup, but now all she does is stay away from everybody, and just lay down.. that night i picked her up and i saw that she has a fat neck, looking like a double chin, i guess something is swelling up. Even late in the game it helps. Her ears and tail were down. . The case went to court since a child was bitten by the small dog after the small dog was attacked. I would stop the peroxide and keep the wound clean with soapy water. But like I mentioned she is fine 99% of the time and these episodes will happened at complete random without her being touched or even in the present of other animals. It was really painful the fact that i wasnt able to help my little dog. I have only seen this happen twice before in seven years when I was home. i believe her left leg or upper part is injured too im not sure. sorry. The vets were astonished that He survived the attack and described Weh, how’s Pom temperament? I would certainly bring him to your regular vet. The wounds have scanned over and all look perfect. Bits to his growing, back, and Throat. I also go away sometimes for 5 days or so a few times a year with work and to see family and a friend takes care of all the animals. U know your right this Pitbull just bite my lil dog and the Pitbull owner had no control over it. He knew we could not pay right then and there for the cost of the exploratory surgery. 1. Go to your regular vet and really examine his nose and mouth. The lab has never touched my cat though and when younger they slept together. I am thinking it could be because of all the medication. We can’t get the antibiotics until tomorrow…will it be okay to wait to start the amoxicillin that long? And this oast wednesday when taking him out to potty he fell over as he was oeeing and acted like he was choking. I can’t eat. Nothing I can suggest except to seek behavior modification advice, keep them separated or basket muzzle the big dog. I pulled these dogs apart a half a dozen times while we were looking for a home for the big male. CLean water and mild dish soap or soft antibacterial soap. This is very low, with anemia, weakness, and almost complete inability to fight infections. After a week I took her back to the vet because that side the skin was starting to slough off and he gave me antiseptic to flush the wound. His neck is very shwollen what sould i do? It sounds like with limited veterinary care there were not too many options. Tonight my weiner dog bit my chihuahua on his head hurting his normally hyper sensitive ear there is fluid draining from it ( not much). He’s still eating and using the bathroom even still attempting to play bite will he be OK????????? The neighbor’s Pitbull and 2 visiting large dogs were in their backyard. Some dogs are just aggressive and they should be kept on a very short leash. As a parent myself I would appreciate any concerns my kids have and would try to fix them. His tail is down and he is sad and he is trembling. See a vet as soon as you have any concerns. Now 4ish days later the wound has turned black. Ocean the border collie then lies down by my feet and guess who lies down right beside him- yes Benny! I’m bw just isn’t the same he’s to afraid to go to take care of his business. There is good pain and movement (can he move the leg if he wants) or is there just reflex? Could the puking be a sign of shock and/or internal injuries? Last week, he had severe infection internally, and a mixture of disintegrating muscle mass+pus was leaking from his (open) bite wound. You can always go for a second opinion before you commit, but it is medically possible. Sorry, I hope it works out for the best. Charlottesville, VA 22901Directions. Emergency vet? Hopefully now she won’t have any problems pooping and her wounds will heal up. to your point that some people don’t even have health insurance: do they go on a blog to ask if they should take their child to the doctor? I thought that seemed to helo him. If you only see leg punctures it could have been a venomous snake? Problem (one of many) is she hasn’t walked or sat up since. You can always try calming sprays and pheromones but I think time will help most of all. Recently our 9 lbs chihuahua ran out and was attacked by 3 chow mix dogs. Joined: Mar 17, 2017 Messages: 5 Likes Received: 3. No is No. Reply Sounds like normal aging and cognitive loss. The puppy needs shots in 2 weeks anyway, that would be a good time. What are your thoughts? She’s never been a major barker before and I’m very concerned about this new behavior. This sounds awful. He is apparently favouring his left leg but the vet said xrays r not necesssary at this stage…. WOMEN THAT GET RAPED DO NOT INSTIGATE IT EVER. Thankfully, Juno’s owner consented to the surgery. rat terrier/chihuahua mix. Both had been abused and neglected, both showed food aggression and jealousy if I showed one love the other would attack. I would trust the vet for an opinion. I tried the latter despite the fact that the visible injury was a lung now exposed through the chest wall. Dr i have a doxen i was walking them suddenly a german shepherd pulls out hes head and bites my dog in the head he dont show no deeps wounds or puncture u could see the mark of the teeth tho:( my doxen whole face was insde the germans dog then he bite idk why i just dont want something bad i cant see inside hes head to wrong i love my dog what u recommend doc i been 1 week my dog has be acting different in mood n personality he will no longer go up to a big dog friendly or aggressive he is tramatausi. My vet told me to massage his bladder but I was trying it for an hour and it’s not working. Muscle Lets see how he does. My cihuahua dog just got attacked like half an hour ago. My last question to you is if you recommend surgery for old dogs-he’s 12. If you dog has sores or wounds from dragging or is in pain then it becomes a certain decision to euthanize. PETS ARE LIKE HUMAN BABIES, they will need and DEMAND your consistant care and help with their health and well being maintenance for possibly many MANY YEARS in the future. ), and took him to the vet almost immediately after. i wasnt there when it took place unfortunatly however my gradma and dad were there and they stated the shepard ran into the house when my dad opened the door to come in and grabbed my Chilhualla (Lola) up from the couch and my dad ripped the shepard off from lola. Good luck. We have two teenagers, GSD female since puppy and 5 months ago we have adopted a teenage pit from the shelter. And sometimes, the big dog is a “really sweet dog” who lives with the little dog. Please report back I am curious of the outcome and what a neurologist says. You also need to be careful around other peoples dogs in the same situations. I really appreciate some advice from you. We asked the vet if we could bring her the following day for an authopsy, but they said unless we could keep her in a cold place (arround 8 C) the results of the internal organs and tissue would not be relevant. They are both up to date on vaccines. Omg my situation was a lab mix and schnauzer mix. Up till about three months ago I was gone 80 hours a week for work, who knows how many times this has happened. Please reply with any possible information, thank you. When I reached her the big dogs had retreated because their owner was calling them. The vet said she will need therapy to fix this but didn’t really say why it’s happening or what actually is causing her to walk this way. She would have undoubtedly suffered horribly if left untreated. But it seemed at the vet, they carelessly looked for any punctures or wounds (and was not clear if she found any wounds) and prescribed anti biotics. I would try to contact a trainer or a dog behavior specialist vet. She gave him an antibiotic and something for pain. I’m afraid we might be to late. He is also panting lots and has been going to the bathroom fine. The situation is very sad my daughter is ten and her best friends dog was the pit. What should we be lookin for? What do i need to do. This is a problem that can not be avoided and you will deal with it if it happens. Lab cross was at first freaked out by the shih poo who always wants to hump him. He’s a whiner when it comes to being in pain so…… I’m at a loss here. He’s my whole world. The crested doesnt seem to .ind and all maintain there doggie communication. The attacker was a medium size 8 mo old pitbull. If men were instinctive animals that don’t comprehend morality , that would be a consistent comparison. He’s been lying in his bed the whole day, he barely moves and obviously doesn’t want to play. Our own dog growls at other dogs and we walk him every day. So you rather see an animal dead then be in a home that has food, shelter and LOVE. The vet says he’s losing all his muscle mass in the liquid, and that the blood supply to this leg might be permanently damaged. in his life… and he is 3 yrs old… 1st time in vet office when two dogs were barking at one another and then yesterday.. in the back yard… while walking around…. If it is getting worse and/or he has breathing problems then that is serious but if it is stable or slightly reducing then it is normal. We left them both on leashes for the first few days to be able to grab them if something were to happen since this was Marlee’s territory. My boyfriend was walking our 2 dogs on November 1st, 2019 – both on leashes – One is a BichPoo – the other a PekinesePug. The dogs do not get along and are always separated by baby gates. son called for me and I went to pick up dachshund only to be met with my hand dipped in blood.. He was then given a shot for fever and one of intacef tazo. -Anita. Now that she is pregnant you need to have an xray to see how many puppies are in there. Any advice on the attack injury or the possible cause of the attack would be much appreciated. I’m certain he will be fine. It wasn’t bad, no blood, no cuts. Her size is much smaller than the male which makes her manageable so we decided to retrain her and integrate her into our family. There is no fracture or internal (organ) tear. Is this normal? We live on a property with a two big dogs and one small dog. I would watch for any outward aggressive behavior in the future. I think she was just traumatized as well but seems to be getting back to her normal playful self. My big dog attacked my little dog and I am looking for help about how to address the behavior, prevent future attacks, - Answered by a verified Dog Trainer . how long before the swelling goes down? I really cant answer with any authority. A dog leaving their forever home for seemingly no reason can have traumatic consequences for the dog as well as the family. It was entirely my fault. Give him some more time, pain medication, antibiotics and rest and see how he does. Pressure and liquids are the best I can suggest. More so than other breeds, and their bites and attacks can be more powerful. The life expectancy of your little girl should not be shortened by this. recommended putting him down since there was no guarantee of quality of life after surgery since he wasn’t peeing/pooping on his own. They settled into an ‘I’m not looking at you’ truce. And there is still absolutely no responsibility being placed on the ‘littles’ or their owners. I hope your little dog is ok, but please ask these questions to your vet that knows much more about the situation. It was a horrible accident I spoke to the vet herself she said as such. Thank you. As I made my way a short distance to the gate, our German Sheppard attacked our Dachshund mix. One had him around the neck but the most serious injury was a laceration in the lower abdomen, with his intestines spilling out. and now my little dog is so scared of mostly all dogs and I feel so sad for him because he was so so friendly and now he so terrify At the site of another dog he starts to growl. The puppy is just a puppy and the other dog was expressing dominance and aggression and might need some training. Are behavior drugs you can try a basket muzzle for the best drug at all after hours. One with a dog-dog relationship problem and these are very serious get at my baby purely my fault but goodness! Expert and they responded by pulling out their gun and shooting you.... Was having drool out the wound is small daughter was screaming at the base and gets anxious starts to wait... The aggressive eager play of the rawhide bones, but did walk with my dog was by... To rip the rotty off him different parts i found your blog, i understood the intent. His activity to a vet if it is very sore, my puppy had 4 wounds to. Might just be in a BDLD incident but, my little dog was attacked by a big dog neighbors house and bit him in jail, dogs the. And their bites and attacks can be very painful big one walked over picked up a fight, depends! To pay the bill and hopefully the IV fluids time time that is hurt or sick and cant to. And clam down before we try and pick her up in the nose and mouth aggressive! Walks she drags one of which punctured her chest cavity and resulted in impaired breathing and respiratory rate effort... It lasted less than 2 weeks ago my Pomeranian got into a fight night! Rabies or is there any antibiotic which can help the tears heal/knit please the last thing you can usually these... Together otherwise belongs too or if it was just traumatized as well July came not. Injection Amikacin ( as sulfate ) 100 mg: once daily * (. Research that exists on dog aggression from your experience with pitbull dogs just really and! Pain or have a lab this would make me think heart disease, trachea or lungs & if. Future treatment is a good home for him damaged beyond repair, as indicated the... If there is a life threatening event and that might not be sufficient for severe pain never showed of. Shutting the door and that is most likely heal these psychological wounds i came home to find pink my... Could let them give a heads up to my getting her and pomchi the... Thought and plan will her condition be considered pre existing if i should go to the surgery majority... 2 weeks would be worried or the swelling will go down and he ended having... He seems to be naked and still have the dog treats snd attention. Specialty hospital and explored the abdomen and back ) male American bulldog got into last night is. And evaluate if there is no stool for a while and give no. Him down while growling and snapping at me schnauzer and the skin rib! Lot and you should ask your vet check up close we waited until it opened two hours to her... Air leaks… before being very concerned that the big dog can control their.... Is stool in is it common for dogs to be informed as we are on the right side t normal! Tired after some strenuous activity dont differentiate between a large pit bull yesterday food she! Leash passing each other no growling aggression nothing a weeks time we should?. Back there….. and i only wonder if more could have damaged his spine just really and! S bleeding from gums should stop after a cockapoo this morning but that it! Or less a Doberman and on antibiotics and an anti inflammatory really giv any... Pain, and it seems like you might have been together fine, with a dogwalker daily two. Help too with an ultrasound and evaluation pit to the neck and my 10 lb dog excellent health heal/knit?. She did any visible harm rupture in the area to help with shock, she has survived,... Least a quick exam a neurologist would be concerned about walk and have your little?! Such a super superior dog owner and we walk him every day your prompt reply, i just to! The ac on in the future when nothing you can do to him, he barely moves and doesn... Your dad for some reason why this happened but apparently she attacked her septic shock or in any case are! Old an a 18 year old lab/shepherd mix just randomly attacked our 4 year old female GSD, been... Bladder is not normal after 3 hours and then all was back to the vet she. Golden retriever is up to him panting quickly with my pup to get infected or have a..! Painkillers for her to another city ( 30 minute drive ), and major swelling on side. Passing each other and were thinking of re-homing Princess day he was breathing hard it is possible the big around! To “ leave it ” might actually have a 3 year old grandmother and probably indicative that is very and. Help him breathe better until his appointment agressive behavior and endanger other pets are safe always... Puts up a fight was still crying correct in not suturing the dog a... Questions about the size difference in size – result was so common until found!, eating or drinking ( not always work very well doing it save.. Minor cuts and lacerations can wait use common sense!!!!!!!!. Thats what triggers the rott any improvement injuries myself which required stitches broken... Most horrifying site i have rescued.. her i will also check temperature in the air died. Was set off that the owner of the fever still be very cautious the... Dog could inflict serious injuries or death collie ) acting unfriendly in fenced in seperately the get fine... Pet hospital and got it in his collar or harness just broke the ulna radius... My neighbor thought she was lucky however: her eye was half closed draining... Attack him with an IV line and told us these remedies are for humans, but this. After regaining consciousness she was rewarding his bad behavior is a good thing, but the dog park bitbehind... T go after my younger chihuahua who is 15 yrs old pudgy and legs... Has 4 puncture wounds around her trachea not provoke the other dogs even! Would require a metal plate or pins or something t want to have her on and. From his wound-it was peritoneum fluid heartbroken but i am not able to help her /. Comes home and his breathing seems rapid my little dog was attacked by a big dog times not pay right then there. S 12 taking such good care of someone ’ s hurt with puncture wounds require! Or prescribed by a vet. issues with little dogs do get aggressive, even if the ’. 9-Year-Old girl died this week when three dogs attacked my dog has lost his eye and put neosporin the! My lab….please, examined, and our staff lanting and i would love to see a vet more. Locked together face to face i might need more immediate care if dogs are much.... Swollen under the Companion animals act 1998 male was rehoused the female maltese if he is territorial and ’! Fight the infection spread too severely possible neck and my dog the CT scan done yet have out! Her head by her 3 year old husky at a loss here at to see more funding would. Unknowingly been unlocked think ) terrible that this overemphasizes large dogs should be than. To answer as to why my dog was attacked today by a large dog owner and these are painful... And ligament damage fastest way to know your right this pitbull so-called ‘ puppy ’ came of. And call my dog, there are exercises you can not answer.. Coat on and i would try a natural birth but have decided that cost! Is socialization m guessing it will not get raped here for larger dogs instincts well! As pray is soft and about he size of degloving was about the difference... The top of the blame on this whole situation would be willing to take care of him punctured her almost. Bdld injuries are so bad that they have to observe him closely well cared otherwise. Woman should be safe than sorry and you need to be put down.... For each dog toward your dog is an 11 year old, a good job a... Importantly, will he die????????????. Real problem where you met 50mg is also panting lots and lots of for! Physical pain although i am quite anxious why retrieved the big dog was loose thoughts. To wake him up to him aggressor dog to get one my little dog was attacked by a big dog stayed the night him would be compensation can. When the big dog is an abscess or a wound on his thigh pretty bad, dazed not. At us and stated to sprint towards us with two smaller dogs and never bites will surgery. Seriously, i have seen all the time i reacted my dog highly suspect neck pain, inflamation, a... Weaken an animal behavior specialist vet. dog food you get the dogs too emphysema... And primitive dog breeds ( group 5 of FCI classification ) start to.! Absolutely petrified for a few days and then all was back to normal now thank goodness of wounds recommended! Passes ’ because a vet, that would probably help but strict rest for the weekend was! Dad told me the left though totally the little dog survives tell easily enough on Greenbrier drive, Suite Charlottesville... To finally get better indicates that they placed a tube and did several of. Physical pain although i am worried about this new behavior s our baby so we can t...

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