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Buenos Aires: There are many opportunities for nursing and pre-med majors here, as well as those interested in aiding patients with HIV/AIDs. They can do so using search websites such as Volunteer Match and  Volunteer to find local opportunities. To learn more about gaining credit head to our website, All the latest news and career opportunities delivered straight to your inbox, Be the first to learn about our exclusive offers and online internship program promotions, Green Technology, Sustainability & Environmental, International Development, NGO, & Charity, UK Kickstart Jobs Representative Organisation, Virtual Internships: Our 2020 Year In Review, Alumni Stories: Advice to Ace Your Work From Home Internship, 5 Ways Virtual Interns Can Still Network Remotely, Professional Development Tips From Around The World, Professional Communication 101: Our Guide, 5 Ways To Stay Productive During Fall & Winter Break, How To Ace Your Virtual Video Application, Boost Your Sales With An Excellent Virtual Sales Team, Announcing the Winners of the Virtual Internships & Kiron Scholarship for Refugee Students, 4 Smart Tips for Entering the Professional World – Our Guide. It gives you that edge over the competition.”, Health, Wellness & Sports Management Intern – The University of Birmingham (2020), “Being able to work with people from different countries, belonging to different cultures, and having expertise in different fields was definitely the highlight of my internship. Right now, there are many local small businesses that are hurting from Covid-19 and the right student with some good ideas may provide much needed help. Virtual internships allow the flexibility to balance both, as long as students speak with their employers and communicate that they are in school. Public libraries often offer volunteer and internship positions, from teaching community classes to book reviews, and your local ones may also have online opportunities. As opposed to lab work, your teen would likely be doing data analysis, computer science or reading published journals. Unlike a traditional online internship, our Virtual Internships allow you to choose a country to explore professional skills and gain cross-cultural competence. Virtual, skill-based internships for high school students at transformational nonprofit organizations. ; Spain: This multilingual environment is a great place for students interested in medical internships.They will shadow doctors or nurses and will learn the inside scoop of medical practices abroad. It’s no secret that the recent massive move to remote working will continue for the foreseeable future. 15 Medical Internships for High School Students. Exercise interns will maintain web content and do research; computer interns will … However, they also have several programs that high school students can apply to. Given the current times, more studios have begun to offer online classes. They teach themselves the fundamentals of content marketing, social media marketing, or search engine optimization (SEO). Hundreds of companies all over the globe are looking for extraordinary interns without considering their educational qualifications. Self-starter students with good interpersonal, teaming and industrial skills, as well as basic computer skills (e.g., e-mail, web browsers, Microsoft Office Suite). Created for 14-18 year olds looking to take early initiative in their professional life, our high school internship program places students into a group of four and assigns them projects with real life companies. Online interns get the opportunity to provide valuable financial services to … Who: High school students (ages 15-18), U.S. citizens, nationals and legal permanent residents, with minimum 3.0 GPA; graduating high school seniors and young professionals (ages 18-24), U.S. citizens, nationals and legal permanent residents, with relevant experience in their career fields (work, internship or volunteer). University students, this is your opportunity to gather the working experience needed to get ahead in the jobs market. All interns are supported by a dedicated Internship Facilitator. An internship in high school is a great way to discover new interests before you apply or begin your first year of college. The choice is yours. You can still make the most of your summer with a remote internship—that is, an internship that you can do from anywhere. Students will work directly with globally-minded companies to complete projects designed to support the company as well as nurture the professional skills and career management of the student. To get your résumé/CV noticed you need to stand out from the crowd, that’s where Virtual Internships comes in. For high school students, they are one of the best ways to explore career fields, and explore academic and extracurricular interests further. We offer flexible programming options to enable you to manage your internship with any other major commitment you may have, whether that be university or a full-time job. If not, your teen can propose and start their own online program or blog. Pre-med or nursing students can look to intern remotely by contacting private practices, clinics or hospitals and inquiring about remote secretary positions, medical paperwork/filings, or any other work they can do that will help them learn about the medical field and network. Students can intern anywhere in the world, within the comfort of their own home. The only virtual internship program they have at the moment is for college students, and you can find details for that here. Remote working requires high levels of time management and self-discipline. We need students to help develop tutorials on the Google Suite, Hangouts, Classroom and Zoom for folks to learn the tips and tricks of managing a virtual classroom. Many universities around the world have a significant ‘break period’ around the winter holidays. Even if a student does social media work for a healthcare company, the student will still gain important experience in the healthcare industry that will help them decide whether a career in the field makes sense for them. Your teen can reach out to your local branch to inquire about any remote or virtual opportunities, especially as a result of social distancing measures. 2021 Virtual Internships. Their virtual internship program offers interns a professional placement in the field of your choosing, as well as career advancement training and keynote career talks from leading experts. Many people find interviews a daunting prospect – lots of questions, time pressure, thinking on the spot, and racking your brain for the best answer... With more and more people working these days remotely, managers working for sales departments need to manage virtual sales teams. College Transitions reveals the most competitive and prestigious pre-college summer programs for current high school students looking for programs in 2021. Virtual Internships Foundations is a program specifically designed to give students 14-18 years old the opportunity for career exploration and professional development remotely. Vo-Tech. Time and space are no longer barriers when considering a program, thanks to the rise of virtual internships. Enroll on CareerBridge, the training platform we’ve created to help you develop key professional skills. Many of them are virtual. Rather than simply asking for an internship, they should be able to emphasize why they want it, what they can offer, and what they want to learn. But as more and more businesses go online, so do many internships. In the afternoons, you will participate in hands-on virtual and simulated experiences at Penn’s Clinical Simulation Center and other sites. Most accept high school students and offer work that can be done remotely. Completing a summer internship online will allow you to hone these skills for future work experience, and apply the experience to your resume and discuss during your next interview. provided with 1-on-1 … Being on the inside and gaining knowledge into how these partnerships work was very unique and a special opportunity!”, Finance Intern – University of Pennsylvania (2020). I love the fact that I had regular meetings with my supervisors and we got to give each other constructive feedback. That was really cool to be able to get a job opportunity out of the work that I did through this internship.”, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Intern – University of Kansas (2020), “The highlight of my virtual experience was when I first accomplished my coding task. Getting to meet people in your company who... Professional development is a topic that is vital to any student, professional, and anyone who is serious about their career in general. Upkey offers 1,000 new virtual internships to equip students with leadership and career readiness skills each quarter. Middle and high school students have a meaningful opportunity to be virtual … Boys and Girls Club lets your teen record a video right from home to share with youth. Another valuable resource is the US Department of State, which offers a wide range of internships. Below is a short list of large nonprofits your teen can look into. Projects include helping comb through data tackling antibiotic-resistant disease, searching for gravitational waves, and counting penguins. They can start by finding start-ups using websites such as LinkedIn and send a message of interest and a resume. Through project-based learning and micro-internships across different business functions, high school seniors and college students can gain skills and explore concepts such as financial literacy, multichannel marketing, understanding social equity, and more. We love these summer internships for high school students abroad. Students can either apply to listed positions at start-ups or reach out to local businesses. High School Internships. If your teen has a specific cause they are passionate about, starting their own initiative is an option that exemplifies motivation, drive and leadership skills. Another valuable resource is the US Department of State, which offers a wide range of internships. Designed for high school students who are enrolled in either Printing/Graphic Arts or Manufacturing classes at a technical high school. ... virtual, skill-based internships. Reason being, it provides them with raw talens who are ready to work with sheer pleasure and energy. We’ll provide you with a guaranteed internship in a career field of your choosing. You’re going to have to manage your time properly to get your tasks done within the week you are getting that work.”, Legal & Marketing Intern – Broward College (2020), “I think the best part of my internship was the amazing people I was able to work with! If these don’t strike their interest, they can research nonprofits on their own, contact smaller nonprofits that match their career goals, and personally inquire about remote internships. Virtual Internships for High School Students. It is also important to note that despite these categories being very different, a lot of them require similar skills such as communication, data analysis or computer/coding experience. A virtual international internship allows you to still gain the career & global skills from an international work environment, without the need for travel. Today’s challenges teach us that we are all interconnected. In addition, your work schedule is completely up to you. Keep in mind that it is relatively difficult for high school students to get paid for remote internships. Software and tech companies are obvious choices, but your teen should not be afraid to reach out to companies in various fields. With a remote high school internship, you can gain valuable real-world experience, with increased flexibility and freedom. Whether it be human resources, engineering, finance, digital marketing or computer science – or any of the 18 career fields we provide – you’ll be given important projects that will bolster your professional portfolio. Even beyond Covid-19, the availability of virtual internships are especially welcome opportunities for students who may not have the time or modes of transportation to physically attend an internship multiple times a week. Technology-based remote internships are the easiest to find, for obvious reasons. An internship is all about gaining hands-on experience, but due to COVID-19, anything “hands-on” is off the table for now. How Virtual Internships for High School Students Can Make a Big Difference Through CTE Industry Scholars Program, High School Students Tackle Real World Problems Remotely During the Pandemic This past summer, as most of her classmates got started on college essays, Raidah Nasiri, a rising senior at Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education (CTE) High School, chose to put it … Perhaps a more effective approach to finding online internships is to directly contact interesting organizations and businesses that may not even have any official applications open. I was working with people belonging to different time zones and different countries, even managing 3 different time zones, and we kept the working going smoothly!”, Business Intern – Aston University (2020), “My favorite memory from my virtual internship was being able to sit in on Zoom calls and meetings that my company was having with other venture capital firms & investment banks. The importance of networking and building global connections is stressed in nearly every field. These online platforms provide an incredibly large database of options, but as a result, they receive large numbers of applications - hence, it is a challenge to break through and get a reply back to interview. Invitation to be a part of our internship community through weekly group discussions, business webinars, and alumni support. Translators without Borders translates more than ten million words per year for non-profit organizations by working with thousands of volunteer translators worldwide. High school students are permitted to apply. To learn more about gaining credit head to our website here. Several nonprofits offer remote volunteer opportunities. If successful, digital marketing internships may involve pay. We’ll provide you with a guaranteed internship in a career field of your choosing, allowing you to gain the professional skills and experience needed to advance your career.

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